Member Testimonials

  • Chrissie is remarkably perceptive - almost scarily so - using her gifts and skills to make radical differences to people's lives. Many people report amazing differences in their energy after Chrissie touches them, but she managed to tell what I was hiding and take it away over the phone. Amazing!
  • Listened to a very intersting 4Sight from Chrissie yesterday, followed by a little treatment from her. Thank you, my wrist movements feel less restricted now :-)

What I do

  • Alternative Therapy
  • Holistic Energy Coaching
  • Personal transformation
  • Health Transformation
  • Energetic Bodywork

My Stats

Last online 11th Dec 2019
Member since 13th Nov 2016
Number of testimonials 1
Meetings attended 128
4N ranking 560 in the UK

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