What I Offer…

The Buddhist Trader was founded in 2006 to assist other traders, financial professionals and entrepreneurs in making consistently sound business and trading decisions. I have traded my own account since 2001 and worked as a success coach mainly with financial professionals and property entrepreneurs helping them to improve their trading skills. Eliminating impulse behaviours and becoming more self aware and remaining calm and in control even in highly tense situations is a core strategy of my coaching. All the strategies I teach I use myself daily. Meditation with pyramids is a key element to improve mindfulness and to create brain harmony. This technique has hugely improved all aspects of my life. I now teach all my clients this unique form of transformational meditation which brings immense, measurable results with regular practice. I have an on-line Meditation Academy which meets twice monthly for meditation and I work with clients one-on-one. I also teach meditation in companies. From time to time I offer exclusive meditation retreats for small groups of professionals in my private home in Nottinghamshire. Please contact me to arrange a free 20 minute consultation to see if we might be a good fit for each other.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I started out working life at Commerz Bank and realised fairly quickly that a career in banking was not for me.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit at heart and a great interest in how our environment affects our performance I soon found myself drawn to the area of personal development and neuro science in particular.

I was lucky to be introduced to top level seminars which were set up in Germany in the ninties assisting military personnel with the transition from the military to commercial civilian life in managerial roles. This was the beginning of my career as a coach and healer.

From coaching military personnel to working with financial traders

The majority of my clients are professional financial traders and entrepreneurs who wish to grow their business. I teach strategies to improve mental nimbleness and bring out the inner genius and vision of my clients. Transformational meditation is a core strategy of my coaching.

I have always been interested in investing and trading the financial markets

I have traded my own account as an intra day trader since 2001 and advised investors on longer term alternative investing strategies. Coaching professionals to make better financial decisions is an important aspect of my coaching work. 

I love working with clients who are open minded, adventurous and interested in high performance and self mastery.

Over the years I have trained in many different healing and brain entrainment modalities, including energetic NLP and remote healing. I am a REIKI Master,  Advanced EFT Practitioner and Theta Healing Practitioner and experienced meditator, having trained in Zen meditation and Dr Joe Dispenza’s special meditations.

My unique, somewhat unconventional success strategies have been featured in the financial media in the UK and America.

Some 10 years ago I discovered transformational meditation as THE key success strategy

I now teach every client how to meditate properly. I absolutely love this aspect of my work, it is the most rewarding and amazing skill everyone should learn to do properly.

I have a meditation–on-line academy which meets twice monthly to meditate on performance oriented subjects.

I also offer bespoke meditation training to professionals in house. Occasionally I offer  clients the opportunity to attend a meditation retreat at my private home in Nottinghamshire.

What I do

  • Success Coaching for financial professionals
  • Guided Transformational Meditation Retreats
  • Alternative Investment Strategies

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