What I Offer…

I am a wellness consultant, focussing on health, wellbeing and awareness to help people achieve their maximum wellness potential. Whether it's help and support at work, or at home, personally or professionally, on or off the sports field, I can provide support and products that will reduce stress, manage pain and enhance performance.
These include essential oils, magnetic therapy, ion therapy and nutritional products. If you would like to find out more, whether it's to buy products, distribute or become a member of our growing team, contact me on 07711 691269.

Visit www.wellbeingliving.co.uk to find out more.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Many years experience of a stressful working environment and a demanding family led to a hectic life which ultimately meant no time for living a healthy lifestyle. Back pain and constant headaches meant disrupted sleep patterns, poor food choices and a reliance on pharmaceutical products on a daily basis. After investigating "alternative"products and testing many "fads" I found pain relief with magnetic therapy. This opened up a new holistic approach to pain management and general wellbeing. I have since discovered Essential Oils - yesterday's wisdom - tomorrow's destiny. I truly believe Essential Oils are the missing link in modern medicine. It's been five years since I've needed to take any medical painkillers and I feel twenty years younger. Personal experience means I can empathise with clients' concerns and provide rational, sound advice to allow them to make "real" wellness lifestyle choices.

Things I like…

I like the simplicity of networking - meet people, exchange ideas and advice and then you can do business with people you like, know and trust.
I like positive recommendations from and to clients/customers/4networkers!
Optimism for a better understanding of "wellness" in everyday life - not a fad or something for someone else. Practical steps to a healthier, pain free lifestyle.

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