What I Offer…

Family Law Assistance is a team of McKenzie Friends helping anyone facing the civil courts without a solicitor.

`What's a McKenzie Friend?' is one of the things we are often asked.

In short, we're legal assistants. Legal assistants with qualifications and a wealth of experience that has seen us working in cases up and down the country from magistrates courts all the way up to the Royal Courts of Justice.

Areas of law we cover:

  • Family Law (Divorce, Finance and Child Matters).
  • Contact Law.
  • Employment Tribunals.

Please contact us for other areas - we may be able to help.

We've able to assist you with anything you will face in the civil courts - able to be with you at every step of the way. What we do includes (but isn't limited to) us helping you to:

  • Prepare paperwork - from statements to complete trial bundles.
  • Ensure effective negotiation - most of the work takes place outside the court room!
  • Manage your case - it's not enough to turn up and deal with things on an ad hoc basis. We'll help you focus on the big picture and play the long game.
  •  Correspond with other parties - how to respond to solicitors and others you will interact with in the legal system.
  • Order drafting - to ensure what was agreed or ordered matches what the actual order says.

Why use us and not a solicitor? In a word: Empowerment. No one knows your case like you - or is as passionate about it. You'll also likely save a large amount of cash - often helpful during a time of stress it's one less thing off your mind.

Call us for a free consulation to learn how we can help you...0117 290 0273 or email us at admin@familylawassistance.co.uk

Member Testimonials

  • Steven works hard and puts a lot of passion into what he does. I've never seen him at work in his business but if he brings just half the devotion to that as he does to his networking then you will be in very good hands indeed. One thing that really impresses me about Steven is his keenness to learn
  • I have known Steven almost since he first joined 4N . I can’t speak about his profession because I don’t have reasons to use his services. What I can say is how enthusiastic, energetic and always on he is . No matter what’s happening Steven is available to contribute.. plus he’s a really nice chap.
  • Heartfelt thank you to Steven Wade, he's 2 or 3 times now given amazing free advice to my cousin over access issues and safety issues with her son. Thank you so much Steven for trading time out of your day again to help her. If you need advice about child access issues you need to call Steven

What I do

  • All Types of Legal Work

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