What I Offer…

I offer practical public relations for small businesses, sole traders, individuals and organisations including charities and not for profits. I work mainly in story-telling in the media, on and offline, local, regional, specialist and national and sometimes international. This means I make people and brands more visible and when you are more visible and more active, you get more business. This is not a short-term fix, it's a slow burn investment over time which generates opportunities which you have to take. It is not sales. Sales is a different skill and you need a sales process in place to make the most of media and social media opportunities. I can offer advice on that however that's not my core skill. I offer training and workshops for those who wish to DIY or who wish to become more educated before committing to media relations inhouse or through outsourcing. I will work with people in words, pictures, animation and video. It's going to be more and more important to vary where and how you tell your stories.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I know the media and how it works as I've been a journalist for many years and am still a working journalist today. I'm honest and clear with people and will offer realistic expectations when it comes to media attention. I'm happy to teach people to DIY for their business or I will support them myself - through a retainer or ad hoc hourly rate. It should be clear that doing PR well means working together to understand your story, that of your business, your staff, your clients, or your organisation and you cannot opt out of engaging. It's one area of business where you have to engage to be successful.

Things I like…

I like people and finding out about people as I'm horribly nosey - which makes sense as a journalist. I genuinely find people interesting and I'm quite a social person. I love reading which is my wind down activity and I read novels avidly. I'm less into factual books though I've read some good business books and I tend to prefer autobiographies. I really like tv and film and often go to the cinema and am always happy to review what I've seen. I've got a bit of a passion for antiques and collectibles as I do love social history (I've got a degree in English Literature & History). The rest of my time is taken up by the most important people in my life - my husband and our four children, aged between 25 and 11. My guilty pleasure is the fact that we have a touring caravan and spend quite a bit of time traveling around the UK with our dog.

What I do

  • Press and public relations
  • animation and videography. 
  • Marketing strategy (story planning) 
  • Organic social media 

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