What I Offer…

Have you been thinking about rebranding your business?
Have you signed up for a stand at a trade show, but need help creating your stand collateral such as roller banners or shell stand material?
Are you looking for a profile photo for your LinkedIn profile?
Looking for a video promo to promote your brand online or on your website?

I provide a holistic, creative solution to all your creative needs, I help you create effective marketing material that resonates with your target market, whether it is through a designed print item, profile or event photography, or video, script writing and editing.

With 20 years experience in design, 10+ years in photography and 6 years in film and video, I provide advice and guidance as to the best solution to your requirements and hold your hand through the whole process, from initial brief, to final finished item.

Things I like…

Living History
Craft - I've tried a lot of craft over the years: drawing, painting, DIY, metal work, woodwork, lace making, sewing costumes, batik, enamelling, pottery, all sorts. I can usually produce a reasonable finished products with barely any instruction.

Member Testimonials

  • In her photography. even when working alone She has the capacity of a team as well as the expertise. She explains not just what Iooks good on the surface but the hidden messages of certain creative designs and the value they create for your target market. A service I would recommend to anyone.

What I do

  • Creative Agency
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Video & editing
  • Canva design & training

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Last online 27th Feb 2020
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