What I Offer…

I deliver sales training and coaching to business owners and sales teams to help them make more profit and differentiate themselves from their competition so they can turn ‘customers’ into  ‘clients’  - Using my 25+ years’ of experience in the corporate world, I’ll work with you to identify ways that your business can do things more efficiently and effectively.  

I provide no nonsense training and coaching that just works! Trust me, I’ve been there, seen it and done it, so I know what it takes to make things happen.

Are you struggling with generating sales?

Do you want to do something differently in your business but don’t know where to start?

Are you finding less important ‘stuff’ to do to put off making those calls?

Do you simply ‘hate’ sales?

If this sounds like you, just get in touch with me - I’m happy to have a 10 minute chat, gauge where you are and give you some ideas to get you going and I promise I’ll challenge the way you think about sales and give you more confidence, knowledge and skills so you can get your business to the place you want it.

I’ve got some great stuff that I am working on to help you focus on specific areas of the sales journey, and I also offer personal sales clinics as well as on-going sales and business coaching.

Don’t let another week or month go by before you decide to get in touch, just do it today ...

Why I’m good at what I do…

With more than 25 years' experience, I've made all the mistakes and that means you don't have to!

I am the #NoNonsense sales trainer and coach who's programmes simply work!

Member Testimonials

  • Martin is an utter legend in his field, his no-nonsense approach to getting sales happening almost makes him an honorary northerner ;), having spent a few days in his company at 4N HQ it's clear to see his passion for getting stuff done :)

What I do

  • Sales training and coaching
  • Business Coaching and Consultancy
  • Business consultancy training and coaching
  • Life coaching career coaching and mentoring
  • Management Training

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Last online 16th Nov 2019
Member since 7th Jun 2017
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4N ranking 116 in the UK

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