What I Offer…

Expertise on Tap was founded in July 2007 and I've been a 4N member since September 2007.

I offer three services.

1. Email marketing - a fully or partially outsourced service.
I design, write and edit email promotions and e-newsletters for clients who do not have the time not the knowledge to do this professionally. It's so easy to get email marketing wrong, particularly if you try and do it yourself.

I have been trusted by 4Networking as their email marketing provider since 2010.

2. Video production for SMEs
Producing professional videos at affordable rates.

3. Video editing
For business and domestic clients. Have you got some video footage which needs knocking into shape? I can help.

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Why I’m good at what I do…

Before working with you, I'll want to know more about your business, your objectives and what you are trying to achieve.

Only then will I suggest how I can help, whether it's a video or email marketing.

I will never offer either of these services if I don't think they're right for your business.

I blend my technical skills with experience gained from corporate life (from which I escaped in 2007). These skills include sales and marketing, IT and project planning.

My 8-point commitment to client service excellence

  1. Continuously striving to add value to my clients’ businesses.
  2. Agreeing deadlines and sticking to them.
  3. Carefully interpreting clients’ needs and requests, and responding promptly and concisely.
  4. Uncomplicating the complicated, and making things easy for my clients.
  5. Providing clear pricing with no surprises.
  6. Working outside normal office hours if a client has an urgent requirement.
  7. Keeping my clients up to date with best practice in email and video marketing.
  8. Being honest and realistic. If you ask me for a service I can’t provide I’ll be honest about my capabilities, and suggest alternative providers where possible.
Things I like…


I play two to three times per week at my local club. I also work as a volunteer for the club producing their weekly e-newsletter, club videos and providing marketing support.


Our two miniature schnauzers Albert and Freida are my two constant companions in the office. We'll usually sneak out for a walk at lunchtime.

Member Testimonials

  • Julian contacted me after I placed a Mailchimp expert request on the 4N Forum. He is very professional and took the time to fully understand my requirements. We have now completed several successful email campaigns. Fully recommended
  • Julian is most generous with his expertise; a forum question and a quick call was all it took to talk me through some technicalities and my Mailchimp campaign is now complete. I was utterly stuck and would not have worked it out for myself! The guy is a superstar and a fab example of why 4N works.
  • Julian has been most helpful creating and organising emails for me, I'd never have got going down this track if I hadn't met him and he helped me. The power of a 4sight!
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What I do

  • Email newsletters
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Video production
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Editing

My Stats

Last online 26th Feb 2020
Member since 4th Sep 2007
Number of testimonials 44
Meetings attended 353
4N ranking 1194 in the UK

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