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  • Duncan's a bit of an inspiration to me. He's a genuine nice guy and someone who is also clearly pretty insightful guy with some powerful arguments and techniques. On this basis I'd highly recommend him to anyone wanting to know more about how to find their true direction or their potential.
  • I've been to Relax with self hypnosis group and the weekend taster session. He explained these would empower me to deal with some issues I had and improve decision making and it really has. I no longer have arachnophobia and have noticed a change in my overall mindset and I'm making better choices
  • Duncan took time out to help me over come a first... Not only does he understand the processes I endured, he owned them, he crushed any concern with his confidence and certainty. I am very much looking forward to working with Duncan more and more. Thank you, Duncan!
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What I do

  • Cognitive hypnotherapist & NLP coach

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Last online 17th Nov 2019
Member since 14th Jun 2017
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Meetings attended 322
4N ranking 14 in the UK

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