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  • I met Duncan for the 1st time 2 weeks ago, I caught his 4sight at Grantham, it was eye opening, I'm a responsible parent, careful of the language I use to my kids, his 4sight shone the light on how I speak to myself .. i afford my children much more space to be than I do myself ~ Change be Coming !
  • Duncan is literally my go to person if I am feeling low, unsure, stressed or if I want to understand better WHY I am feeling the way I am. His ability to switch something that potentially seems very negative to me initially to something that is actually quite empowering is very very powerful.
  • Duncan is exceptional at what he does, there have been a number of occasions in the last few months where Duncan has helped me through situations where I was struggling mentally. Always there to get out of me what I knew deep down. If you need help with anything mind related Duncan is your man!
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What I do

  • Cognitive hypnotherapist & NLP coach

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Last online 29th Oct 2018
Member since 14th Jun 2017
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