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You know you’ve got a great idea for video and a brilliant message or product you’re wanting to share to the masses – but feel you don’t have the quality equipment or time to give it the attention it richly deserves. More often than not its the time, our most precious commodity, required to do all that editing, colour & lighting adjustments, audio matching and so on. That would be where I come in.

I can bring the movie studio to you and capture HD quality video and sound in the environment(s) that you think would work really well with whatever you’re sharing. I also offer low-level direction with minor adjustments whilst filming to small things like stance & posture, words used and mannerisms. Sometimes it’s these tiny interpersonal adjustments between you and the camera – and ultimately your audience – that can make all the difference; a smile here, a hand gesture there. This isn’t to interfere by any means its moreso to ensure we’re getting only the absolute best recordings we can with the time permitted. No-one likes scheduling a re-shoot when it could have been avoided. To make the most of the recording we work closely with you ahead of filming so that you’ll have more of an idea of what you’re saying & how to say it. I’d strongly advise against entirely “winging it” because this can become apparent during the editing process and whilst it may feel more natural and more “you” it may not work well with your target audience or be congruent with the self/brand image you’re wanting to convey.

I know how to channel your personality into your video and your message. On the website if you take a look at the services menu you’ll see the various video services I provide. Whilst each service has its own fairly generic explanation do remember that your needs will be unique and that I'll tailor to those. 

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Why I’m good at what I do…

I've been described previously as

"has character"


"a fast paced & high energy whirlwind"

... which I think are pretty accurate depictions of myself!

But what do I think "about me"?

I'd say that I'm a family man with a real energy for filming pretty much anything. Except weddings - yet I've done two of those by accident because they weren't your typical wedding! They were great fun.

Really though I'm born and bred in Southend, Essex and now live in Witham which is a inbetween Chelmsford and Colchester on the A12 with my wife Julia and daughter Elodie. 

If you've not seen my 4Sight of "How Clout Came About" then the short short version of my story is that after 13 years of loyal service to a large blue chip company I decided to leave and take my video production business full-time in June 2017 to enable me to spend more time with my family supporting Julia in her businesses and watching and nurturing Elodie grow.

That's me. I'm Luke Magnay and I give your message Clout!

Have a great week and hope to connect with you soon,


Member Testimonials

  • Clout Media created an explainer video for one of my clients and I was extremely impressed with the final product, and how my client presented herself due to Luke's training and support. Also Luke recorded myself giving a 4Sight and very impressed from start to finish and the amazing video.
  • Luke recently recorded a series of videos demonstrating the insurance property claim process, emergency response, validation, survey and repair. Luke is a true professional who knows how to make the daunting prospect of film making a genuine pleasure, and I was really pleased with the end result.

What I do

  • Video Production
  • Marketing & Video Production
  • Commercial video and photography
  • Video Campaign Management

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