What I Offer…

Tyre Protection Services specialize in tyre puncture prevention using PunctureSafe to seal tyres against air loss and prevent most punctures and blow outs for the life of a tyre.

Tyre safety is a crucial area, with approximately 1000 people per year killed or injured as a direct result of a tyre problem.

For companies, as well as the considerable Health and Safety risks associated with tyres which need to be adequately addressed, downtime due to punctures can be a significant preventable cost. It is usually quite straight forward to do a cost analysis and determine the financial benefits of puncture prevention.

In addition to the benefit of puncture prevention, correctly inflated tyres are safer and can save money.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I started Tyre Protection Services in 2012 specializing in puncture preventative tyre sealers and other tyre safety products.

By choosing the industry leading PunctureSafe range of products and being their regional distributor, I am able to offer an effective alternative to the risk of suffering a puncture and the inconvenience and downtime this can entail. With most modern cars having no spare wheel, I am also able to address the issues and costs associated with emergency puncture repair kits.

Working with local businesses, I provide free advice and will help prepare a business case for puncture prevention for any business who feels they may benefit.

Member Testimonials

  • I had 2 punctures in a week due to nails which cost me time and money. Simon put his puncture safe in my tyres after a meeting and I've had no problems since. It cost me less than the price of replacing one tyre.
  • After meeting Simon at a recent 4N meeting I was surprised by not only the service on offer but the pricing. A date and time was quickly organised and he turned up promptly and did everything required within the timescales discussed. Amazing product thats already saved us the cost of investment.

What I do

  • Puncture Prevention
  • Tyre Safety
  • I help avoid the cost & downtime from punctures

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