What I Offer…

I help individuals and businesses to create a map that unlocks a path to hidden treasures. i encourage not only to dream big but also teach proven techniques of setting goals and achieving it.

Motivational Speaking - perceptions breaking, inspiring and filled with bucket loads of positivity

Event Hosting - from workshops to conferences and award ceremonies, I can be the voice you are looking for with smile that is contagious

Why I’m good at what I do…

My years of experience working for global corporate giants thought me a great deal about not only myself but also about others. Apart from managing multi mln pound categories I always had a team to look after and to develop which was the most rewarding part of the job, especially when they flourish and achieve their goals.
Now my focus is on what I am passionate about:

  • helping others reach their full potential through coaching
  • inspire others to dream big through speaking
  • making eveyrone feel welcomed and inclusive through event hosting

What I do

  • Coach
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Event Host

My Stats

Last online 3rd Jul 2019
Member since 6th Aug 2017
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Meetings attended 33
4N ranking 132 in the UK