What I Offer…

There are many ways businesses use energy and there are many ways that the amount used can be reduced or the costs managed.  The best methodology for the business depends on wide ranging factors.  Dax & Davies works with the business owner (or the person responsible for managing the business spend) to form a strategy to manage the situation and work out the tactics to be used to fulfil that strategy.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Having had a successful career in medium heavy pressure vessel engineering combined with achievements in selling financial and now sustainability products to the public and businesses the lesson learned is that you find out what the customer wants, what they need and work with them to achieve the right solution.

Socially I enjoy banter an a few drinks when I can and I am always up for watching rugby or cricket live or on the TV.

I involve myself in the local comunity assisting where I can with the local community pub and singing (?) with the local community choir.

What I do

  • Business Energy Advisor
  • Business Energy Broker
  • Green Energy
  • Green Energy Investments
  • Green products

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