What I Offer…

Advice and practical help with local environmental, ecological and pest management.

Whether you are seeking help planning and creating a natural area in a residential garden or a larger scale interactive area for your workplace grounds, the understanding of our native wildlife and how to entice them to move in whilst discouraging the less desirable species is something I can provide.

I also offer educational workshops for all ages and organizations to show how anyone can make simple DIY items for the garden to save cost on mass produced items and easily create healthier and easily recycled or reused options with a massive impact.

Along with this there is the traditional pest management services offered as well because lets face it, bed bugs and such like don't always respond well to an eviction notice. Whilst there is a place in the world of pest management for chemical applications there is also a huge place for more environmentally friendly products that when used correctly have just as much success but with less harmful side effects to the planet.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Every problem has a cause and every cause has a solution, this is where the saying of prevention is better than cure comes into its own.

Looking at the whole problem rather than just what has been seen can reduce the potential for a concern to become a widespread problem and minimizes the likelihood of it occurring again. Everything has a place and purpose in the world around us, it's just a case of enforcing the boundaries of accessibility to any unwelcome guests; after all, a weed is simply a flower in the wrong place and this principle applies to wildlife too.

By encouraging the conservation of our native wildlife we are helping to preserve the natural world around us, something that is a hot topic right now because in all honesty the planet has been here long before humanity and will continue to be here long after we are gone so why not help do our bit, not just for the future generations but the here and now so we too can continue to enjoy it.

Things I like…

As you might have guessed I'm a bit of an outdoorsy type person with a strong fondness of the natural world around us and wanting to ensure that there is a planet for my children and, with any luck, my grandchildren and their children.

I enjoy spending time in my garden creating natural wildlife areas, feeding the song birds and making sure my bunnies have lots of fun natural things to do and eat so they are entertained. I also have recently planted an additional two trees to add to my collection so I now have a pear, crab apple, hawthorn which will not only help feed the birds but also provide a crop of fruits each year for kitchen use and a willow which is very useful for helping dry out an easily flooded clay garden.

When not out in the garden then I can be found spending time with my family and two Lurchers exploring the countryside I am lucky enough to have around me or fishing on the beach.

I also have a love of music and enjoy relaxing whilst playing the piano and listening to a wide eclectic range of music from classical through to dance and heavy metal.

What I do

  • Wildlife Management
  • Pest and Bird Management
  • Bird Proofing
  • Prevention Proofing
  • Ecology and Conservation advice

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