What I Offer…

For 20 years Peter Radford has worked to help people live significant lives and positively impact the lives of others. Peter is an experienced public speaker, writer & trainer with a wealth of experience of leadership, management and personal development. He now works with businesses, school leaders and individuals to helping to develop staff wellbeing, motivation & culture change to transform their outcomes.

Peter is passionate about helping every person in an organisation be the very best they can be. No organisation can out perform its staff. No organisation can see sustained and continued growth unless it is investing in the team at its heart. Peter helps leaders and teams to identify what's holding them back and establish clear direction to move forward.

Peter also speaks in schools and colleges around the country, leading educational conferences and INSET on a range of topical issues. He also works with Unicef helping further their Rights Respecting School Award and as a school speaker with Amnesty International.

Member Testimonials

  • Peter's 4Sight on How to Leave the Cave is one you have to see! The subject matter is soooo current and his delivery exceedingly professional. Peter's experience , and family background, as a teacher is evident in his delivery and engagement and is the basis of his content. Thoroughly recommended.
  • Peter gave a brilliant 4Sight today about what stops us from achieving our goals.... how will the coming year pan out if we don’t know what we really really want? Peter had some great answers and easy strategies to put in place to stop us from self sabotaging - or to at least reduce it!

What I do

  • Motivational speaking 
  • Leadership Training and Personal Development
  • Staff Wellbeing & Team Development

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