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  • I've been working with Nathan as part of his mentor programme. Nathan has provided me with the support and guidance I needed around how to make sales easy peasey lemon squeezey as well as making me think outside of the box in relation to how I look and feel around sales. Highly recommended.
  • You NEADS to see Nathans 4sight about selling! Lots of tips about how to sell to people from his experience. He made selling sound much easier and more manageable for us moving forward. If you ask what the customer requires, why they want it and how you can solve their problem you're onto a winner!
  • Nathan has delivered again, a beautiful 4sight demystifying the selling process, through comparison of what networking is about. It is so refreshing to be made aware of a selling process where the needs of the customers are put upfront, making the selling process even more powerful! Thank you Nathan

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  • Sales training
  • Salesman
  • Business Development and Sales
  • Business consultancy and coaching
  • Sales Consultancy

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Last online 20th Jan 2020
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