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  • Nathan has delivered again, a beautiful 4sight demystifying the selling process, through comparison of what networking is about. It is so refreshing to be made aware of a selling process where the needs of the customers are put upfront, making the selling process even more powerful! Thank you Nathan
  • Such a welcome by Nathan from the first time I visited 4Networking to the multiply times since. Nothing beats a friendly face - but more than that, nothing beats a friendly business colleague, networker and someone to do business with. Nathan is my sales and marketing guy.
  • Nathan has been wonderful since I joined 4N in October 2018, a friend and mentor, but in the last few weeks he has gone above and beyond helping me out when I was let down, he has put in time and effort to help me get my branding right and helped me to create the right look for my business.

What I do

  • Sales training
  • Salesman
  • Business Development and Sales
  • Business consultancy and coaching
  • Sales Consultancy

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Last online 17th Sep 2019
Member since 21st Nov 2017
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Meetings attended 178
4N ranking 76 in the UK

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