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I specialise in helping people keep up with today’s digital world and get the most out of their devices.

I started my interest in gadgets and IT when I was young even before the PC actually became available. I just love gadgets the Rubix cube was my first real troubleshooting experience and still nothing comes close to it, gadget wise. When I was young if something was broken I would take it apart and have a go at fixing it and most of the time I did, from tape players to video machines, PCs weren’t around then I’m too old! In 1981 ZX81, the first personal pc was born, I had one!

I left school and eventually got a job in the MOD as a clerk – I hated it, filing just did not do it for me. I then got the opportunity to move into IT and went to work on the Main Frame computer, it was massive! The hard disks were bigger than LPs and stacked 6 high, the computer room had tapes spinning collecting the data from the hard drives, the computer room was as big as a school hall. I then moved onto making Microfiche and learnt to take the information from the tapes and develop the film. Microfiche is a piece of plastic about 5 inches by 4 inches and on the one piece, you would find about 100 A4 sheets of paper. It was the forerunner to the floppy disk. Next, I moved to the software helpdesk in the days of Office 97 and learnt to troubleshoot, I had to play solitaire for a whole week to learn to use a mouse!!!! I also developed access databases and got involved in the internet when it first started out.

I left the MOD and went to work for a local consultancy firm, I supported an office of 200 staff and surrounding depots and sometimes went all the way to Camborne in Cornwall. I just loved going to new offices and I can’t believe it didn’t scare me.  My next challenge was school support which I really loved but it was a huge learning curve, the first time I went to a school and was handed a pen and told my board doesn’t work I didn’t have a clue! I had never seen an interactive board before, now I love them and I am a trained SMART Technician, and can support interactive TV’s.

My last job I supported schools, local business and residential clients. For some reason no one liked dealing with the residential side – I loved it, nothing better than having a chat and looking at the fantastic view of the Chew Valley.

I was made redundant in April last year and just couldn’t find a job, I am the wrong sex and wrong age now for IT companies. It took me a while to come up with an idea and i was eventually inspired by my dad always coming to my house with his laptop because he didn’t know how to use it, again! That’s when my idea of specialising in over 50 IT support was born.

So I started KSPTechCare and I love it. My feedback is great, everyone I meet says what a good idea. I am starting to get clients from diverse contacts, such as a local art class that I had never heard of before I started this job, If you know any local active clubs that would benefit from my skills, please pass my name along. I have an interest in special needs – don’t stop using your tech because you can’t move your arm for long or you can’t see the screen, I will find a solution for you.

In my spare time I help out at Rainbows and go camping with the guides every year, I also belong to the camping and caravanning club, and am the local webmaster and sites officer, I  tow the caravan and my husband joins me when all the work is done! I love to meet friends for lunch and I am really enjoying my own time, working when I want to work and having me time too. I take every opportunity that comes my way and have had a very adventurous past from jumping out of aeroplanes to working in an orphanage in Romania.

Thank you for reading this far,  please pop over to my website and Facebook page and let me know what you think.

Member Testimonials

  • Kathryn sorted out my tech issues. All those things you know you need to sort and you know you should be able to but frankly, it's much easier to give to someone else to deal with. She identified things I needed, sorted those too and got me up and running. All the niggles have gone. Use her.

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