What I Offer…

I am a Risk Management Trainer & Consultant, A specialist in the field of Anti Stalking.

When I am not working my time is best served by continuing to invest in my career development. This is achieved by undertaking online and offline courses, workshops and seminars. I further develop presentations, workshops, analyse & revise training manuals. I recently certified in Surveillance and Investigations.

Consideration points:

• Breaches of data protection.
• Loss of corporate equipment.
• Victims of opportunistic incidents IE property theft.
• And more.

As a security specialist, my aim is to reduce risks to your company through education and training in aspects of situational awareness.

I aim is to improve your corporate security by:

• Implementing contingencies (Preventing an incident from taking place).
• Analysing countermeasures (In the event of an incident taking place).

My training programs have been developed through:

• Real-world experience.
• First-hand crime research (Statistics, regional crime data, surveys, polls, etc).
• Evaluations of case studies (Why an incident occurred, what went wrong, and why).

By empowering my knowledge, I'm able to develop and deliver a range of training services to educate your corporate staff. Construct formal policies and procedures to help staff to adapt business continuity.

These are workshops that are complete and ready to deliver.

• LSAW: Ladies Safety Awareness Workshop
• PAD: Personal Awareness and Defence
• TAS: Travel Awareness and Security.
• ITAS: International Travel Awareness and Security.
• ECD: Evidence Collection Documentation.
• ASTA: Anti-Stalking Threat Assessment.

Courses Completed, at proofing stage:

• ACSW: Anti-Cyberstalking Workshop
• VITW: Violence In The Workplace

Under Development:

• Technical covert surveillance methodologies

I continue to research technology, updated security procedures and techniques. security continues to evolve and as professionals, we should evolve with it. 

24 Hour contact: + 44 (0) 785 374 0636

Why I’m good at what I do…

I have worked in security for 30 years, and have covered most forms of security. I now work as a Sole Trader, and specialise in the field of anti-stalking. I continue to work in security more in the field of a trainer and consultant. To find out more about me and what I do please visit my website.

24 Hour contact: + 44 (0) 785 374 0636

What I do

  • bespoke security
  • Business Risk Management

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