What I Offer…

Hello travellers!

It is so easy to book a holiday online nowadays, but is it really the best way?

Did you know - the average person searches 38 websites when looking to book a holiday? So even if you spent just just 10 minutes on each site, that's over 6 hours of your life you will never get back!

Did you know - many people who book online, find out, too late, that mistakes have been made? One of the most common is using the wrong airport code - so instead of flying from Birmingham, UK, your flight leaves from Birmingham, Alabama! Or instead of a 3 night stay in Dubai, you find yourself in Dublin!

By using my FREE services, I can save you time, money and stress!

I will LISTEN to you, and ensure that we find the itinerary that suits YOU! Whatever you want to do on holiday, wherever you want to go, whatever your budget - I will ensure that we find the perfect holiday for YOU!

This basically means that I am YOUR personal shopper - you just need to pack and go!

I will make sure that everything flows seamlessly - No wrong airports!

And if there is a problem - before, during or after - my number ONE priority is making sure that we fix it, so that YOUR holiday is everything YOU want it to be!

And of course, you have peace of mind with the knowledge that all of my holidays are fully protected under ABTA and ATOL regulations!

Fancy having some fantastic travel offers direct to your inbox? Then pop over to my website and fill in your travel profile https://erinnewberry.notjusttravel.com

So, if you are thinking about your next holiday, pop me a message or give me a call, and let's see where you will heading next!

Why I’m good at what I do…

There are 2 main reasons that make me good at what I do!

1 - I LISTEN I learn about your likes and dislikes; what your family enjoy doing; what being on holiday means to you.

2 - I CARE I understand that your holiday is precious, and that you will be making life-long memories! I am
passionate about making sure those memories are amazing!

But there are so many other reasons, too!

Give me a call and find out what they are for yourself!

Things I like…

Travelling - obviously! My favourite city is Barcelona, but I love discovering new places!
Cider - yep, I'm a cider drinker! But please, don't be putting ice in my drink!
Terry Pratchett - I absolutely LOVE the Discworld!
Crime dramas - American or British - some of my favourites include NCIS, Death in Paradise and Poirot

What I do

  • I save you time and stress by doing all the searching - you just do the holiday!
  • Business travel and Employee benefits
  • UK
  • Europe and Worldwide
  • Weddings and Honeymoons
  • Cruises
  • Lapland and Ski

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