What I Offer…

I’m Mark Peacock – The Pricing Coach. I help small businesses unlock value through profitable price coaching.

Using my GROWMORE system, I take you through an 8 week programme that covers all the key steps you need to review your pricing, increase your profitability and take action as a result. It is designed to help you achieve the results you want fast and more effectively.

As a coach, I also help you adopt the right mindset to tackle these challenges and overcome any fears or assumptions you have about what may or may not work. Too often people will be scared to try out price changes for fear of an adverse reaction from either their customers or their competitors. But unless you try these things, you simply won’t know!

You will need to have an open mind and be prepared to think deeply about your business but if you follow the steps in my programme, it should be possible to help you achieve your goals and increase your profitability.


  • Fast action programme designed to help you make progress quickly
  • Achieve your desired results whilst minimising any risks
  • Dedicated time to help you think through your plan and pricing strategy
  • Confidence that you will have a clear plan for implementation
  • Support to help you overcome any fears or limiting beliefs
  • Fixed price package allows with no hidden fees allows a clear measure of ROI.
  • Unlimited support and advice from a leading pricing expert for the duration of the programme.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I'm passionate about helping SMEs transform their business through better pricing strategies. The good news is it doesn't have to be difficult or scary. I use my +25 year career in business and my detailed knowledge of pricing strategies to help you work out the best solution for your business.

My goal is to deliver a 10x return on your investment in better pricing, and some of my clients have achieved a 30x or even an 80x return. My approach works for any business that is seeking new solutions or fresh thinking for profit and growth challenges, and I offer:

  • unique price coaching
  • new direction and fresh thinking
  • powerful results and outcomes

My guarantee:
If you're not happy with the value you have received from my services, then you can request a "no quibble" refund of the last session fee at any time.

What I do

  • Pricing Review Consultation
  • Business Coaching
  • Business and Personal Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching and Training

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