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The Emotional Intelligence Specialist

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At Ascend Performance Coaching we empower business leaders to increase their performance and results through profiling assessments and targeted coaching. 

Luke Schulz, Business Owner
“I had a lot of confidence in Vicky and her abilities, I knew that she was going to be able to assist me in terms of creating the change I desired. I really appreciate that she pushed me beyond my limits and boundaries to get the result. I can feel that confidence, that excitement, that energy, which is something I've not felt for quite some”

Why is Emotional Intelligence important?

TalentSmart tested emotional intelligence alongside 33 other important workplace skills and found that emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of performance, explaining a full 58% of success in all types of jobs. (Travis Bradberry, Forbes Magazine, 09/01/2014) 

Unlike your IQ which is set by the time you are about 15 years old your EQ is dynamic, it can be developed through coaching but it can also decrease during times of extreme stress, trauma, illness or bereavement.

Through a menu of profiling assessments Ascend Performance Coaching can help you better understand your own EQ, behaviours and motivations as well as those of your team and potential employees. These profiles and associated coaching will allow you to understand how to communicate more effectively as a team or business, identify the roles individuals play in the dynamics of the team and compare current employee’s profiles with potential recruits to identify suitability, train-ability, potential issues and significantly reduce the risk of costly mis-hires.

If you think Ascend Performance Coaching could provide value in your organisation or if you have an HR Consultancy and my services may be of interest to your clients I would love to hear from you.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Ascend Performance Coaching is founded on the belief that every one of us has the power and ability to achieve our highest aims, whilst remaining true to ourselves.

Ascend founder, Vicky Henderson, is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Coach and a Time Line Therapy® Practitioner. She trained with internationally renowned business coach and trainer Daniel Tolson of the Tolson Institute. Daniel has himself been mentored and trained by Tad and Arianna James and Brian Tracy, leaders in their field. Vicky is one of the first Tolson Institute trained coaches in the UK.

‚ÄčVicky is a member of the American Board of NLP, the Association of Time Line Therapy®, the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists and features in the Life Coaching Directory.
Vicky brings an authentic, warm and pragmatic approach to her performance coaching. She has had a varied career, always remaining true to herself, which has taken her to live and work abroad, and work for herself and for others. This has given her a great understanding of how to successfully adapt and mould your skills to new challenges, and to do this with conviction.
In 2016 whilst working for a highly renowned timber firm and looking at a home based business opportunity, Vicky went on a coaching course delivered by Daniel Tolson. She was so inspired by what she experienced she then trained as a performance coach herself and in 2017 changed careers to help others achieve their goals.
Vicky’s previous career started in sport, leisure and education after she qualified as an NVQ Level 4 (ARA Bronze level) rowing coach in 1997 whilst gaining her degree at Nottingham University. She spent several years as an outdoor pursuits and fitness instructor, and then moved into teaching English as a foreign language in the UK, Australia and Thailand before qualifying as a primary school teacher.

Given the opportunity to join the family business in 2004, Vicky then moved to France and into hospitality, running premium chalet ski holidays. She also continued her English teaching privately and set up her own property management business during this time. In 2011 Vicky progressed her career in hospitality management and worked for a Michelin 3 star restaurant and 5 star hotel, Flocons de Sel,  in the Alps and a prestigious luxury hotel in the Cotswolds.
In 2015, in search of better work-life balance, Vicky then took on a role with a major timber importer, quickly progressing into the role of Operations Manager. In 2016 she also started up a health and nutrition business alongside her full-time job, which she continues to run. She now combines all this knowledge and experience to help other people to perform at their best on both a professional and personal level and transform their lives.

Vicky is also a member of World Health Heroes, the Federation of Small Businesses and the Cirencester Chamber of Commerce.

What I do

  • NLP and Time Line Therapy® based Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence assessments
  • 1:1 bespoke programmes
  • Bespoke Group Training
  • Focal Point Coaching and The Tolson Institute

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