Why I’m good at what I do…

I started MillPress Print & Embroidery with my husband Simon, a few years ago to initially, only to supply goods to our Rugby Club. Through word of mouth our business grew to supply other rugby club members own businesses. Joining 4N has allowed me to meet many different people that I can refer to others and be referred too.

I am currently holding the post as Assistant District Commissioner(Cubs) in my Scouting district (Watford South). Very rewarding role and has been a natural progression since obtaining my leader's warrant at age 18.

I also volunteer for several charities and always looking for fundraising ideas.

I joined the team at Watford as Visitor Coordinator and then Group Coordinator and now have an Area Leader role, and now the Hertfordshire & Middlesex Regional Leader.

Member Testimonials

  • Lorraine made up some shirts with my logo on them and they're amazing. Great quality and look forward to working with her again. Essential to any business.
  • Lorraine printed some mugs and tote bags for me. I was so pleased with them as they are intended to be thank you gifts to my clients. She understood exactly what I needed and the service she provided was fast and professional. THANK YOU LORRAINE X

What I do

  • Personalised Clothing & merchandise
  • Personalised Gifts

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Last online 13th Jun 2019
Member since 31st Jan 2018
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