What I Offer…

It can be lonely in business. Are you and your business doing well but could be doing better?

My Hidden Business Partner tailor made service package from only two hundred and fifty pounds per month will help you to manage and grow your small business.

Face to face business mentoring in East Sussex or over the telephone/by email for clients in London and the South East.

Some common themes...

How to reach target customers and increase sales.
Creating and maintaining focus.
Pricing of products and services.
Creating a better work/life balance.
Creating an action plan and being held accountable.
Business start-up from concept to launch and ongoing.
Increasing profits or turning around an unprofitable business.
Niching and Branding
Converting from a Jack of all trades into a specialist.
Business Planning.
Personality strengths and weaknesses, testing and learning.
Marketing plans and social media marketing.
How to grow and scale your small business.
Becoming organized and efficient.
Managing feelings and values when making decisions.

Please ask for a Free discovery meeting. Face to face or over the telephone.

Why I’m good at what I do…


I have set up, owned and run small businesses all my working life which means I have walked the walk. I know what it is like and how it feels to be a business owner.

I bring my counseling and psychotherapy training and experience into my work which means I can help my clients to understand themselves better.

My services and processes are tailored to each clients needs and not off the shelf which means my clients tell me they feel listened to.

In More Detail....

I have over thirty years experience in setting up and successfully running Small Businesses. From zero point to more than six hundred thousand pounds annual turnover. As a sole trader and with employees or sub-contractors.

Whatever your entrepreneurial challenges, ups and downs and goals, I can empathize. I know what it is like and how it feels. I have walked the walk.

I am a qualified business manager with a Diploma in Management Studies. I have been studying for qualifications or attending personal development training of one type or another all through my adult life.

5 years of counseling and psychotherapy training were a valuable learning experience teaching me above all how to really listen to you the client and giving me insight into how our personalities affect our working lives.

I am in my element BUSINESS MENTORING, CAREER or LIFE COACHING you the Small Business Owner, Self-Employed, Freelancer, Entrepreneur. I also help clients from the Voluntary Sector.

I give you all the bespoke support and encouragement you need. Helping you to find the answers that work for you to make your small business a success.

My services are designed to be affordable and solution focused helping you to achieve measurable outcomes. My fees should therefore be considered an investment rather than a cost.

I practice what I preach and enjoy the benefits of having my own Mentor whom I regularly meet for inspiration, encouragement and to help keep me motivated and on- track.

Things I like…

The tangible and intangible results that my clients achieve through my work.
The point after a few months when my services become self funding for a client.

What I do

  • Mentoring and Coaching the Self-Employed and Small Business Owners.

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