What I Offer…

I help business owners overcome the challenges that IT presents to us - through providing advice, solutions and services to meet your needs. Our moto is - We believe technology should enhance your business, it should make it easier to deliver a service or produce a product, and it should be seamlessly integrated into your business operations, so as to be an asset rather than an overhead.
The team at SymsNET do just that.

  • We offer a wide range of services from the modest PC / Laptop repair to full networked server environments. Our services include:

  • Core IT Protection - 24 x 7 x 366 monitoring, management and remediation plus desktop and network device support and basic security, delivered to you as a managed service - we are you IT team.

  • Managed Security - We monitor your business's operational events, 24 hours a day - so you don't have to. The latest threats and vunerabilities are also monitored and responded to accordingly. Included in this services is patch management, disk / data encryption, anti virus / anti malware and active threat detection

  • Backup and disaster recovery - With the ability to connect anything to a PC or a Server, this can create multiple points of failure, making it harder to maintain continuity for your business. Our back up services are available for stand alone devices or as a managed service for your business.

  • Hosted Telephony systems - VoIP offers a wide range of cost cutting possibilities, eliminates equipment and storage costs associated with traditional phone systems. We provide a reliable, flexible , feature rich cloud system that includes mobile apps, web clients, crm integration and chat.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I am an award winning sales person with over over 20 years experience in Sales Process, training and motivation, Marketing Concepts and Technical Architecture and delivery of Business solutions. I have worked with many major accounts including JD Sports, Lloyds, Carlsberg, Pizza Hut, Oxford University and Next.

I am a self-confessed geek - without the jargon. And my ethos is to provide cost effective solutions without the #geekspeak.
I have Microsoft Systems and Server Technology Certificates; Cloud Solution Certs. Furthermore, I am skilled and experience in sales negotiation and Solution Sales.

Things I like…

IT. Technology. Rugby (Warriors & Ireland). Wine. Coasts. Coffee and Hot Climates

What I do

  • Computer repair 
  • Cyber Security 
  • Backup 
  • Data Recovery 
  • Telephone systems

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