What I Offer…

*I help business owners to run their office operations and windows desktops from any location, on any device they want, using a service called Hosted Desktop. *

*The office package includes all the applications you need for the modern office - SQL Databases, ACT! CRM, Sage, Microsoft Office and Email. *

Why Hosted Desktop - help reduce your IT Spend and moving you into a monthly spend rather than the costly upfront costs many systems need plus the flexibility to work anywhere. Furthermore, you will have increased security, reliability and less risk.

Business software is all about information sharing. Whether working on a document, book keeping, resource planning, or detailing customer relationships.
The established way of sharing information has been the use of file servers kept on the company's site and software installed on users PCs. However, businesses are changing, with much more emphasis on remote or home working. Users tend to want to use different devices than the office PC, and want the ability to work while travelling. Advancements in computer technology has made this an easy reality.

Hosted Applications mimic the traditional office setup. Information can be shared using exactly the same applications. But, instead of being installed on a PC, the “Hosted Software” is installed on a cloud-based server along with data and documents. Any Windows applications can be hosted. Everyday programs such as Microsoft Office or Sage accounts, as well as less common or even bespoke software.
To the person using a hosted application (sometimes called Remote Apps) they appear just as if they are installed on their computer. However, as they are installed on the cloud server instead any device can be used, including Macs, iPads, and Android tablets.

Features and Benefits of Hosted Applications

  • Cloud Host any Windows application
  • Remove the headache of local IT infrastructure
  • Enable your employees to work flexibly from anywhere
  • Reduce your overall IT spend

Hosted Desktops from Your Office Anywhere will run on the following:

  • Windows PC, Laptop or Tablet e.g. Surface
  • Apple Mac
  • iPad
  • Android Tablet
  • Kindle Fire
  • Chromebook
  • iPhone
  • Windows Phone
  • Android Phone

*Other Services: *
PC and Laptop Repair / Virus removal / New Software Installations / Windows downgrades / Server Installation / Network Configuration / BSOD issues / Advice

**Assistive Technology supports people living independently with dementia and their families.

Amba is an easy to use, in-home device that keeps people living with dementia always in touch with their loved ones - via PCs, tablets and smart phones.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I am an award winning sales person with over over 20 years experience in Sales Process, training and motivation, Marketing Concepts and Technical Architecture and delivery of Business solutions. I have worked with many major accounts including JD Sports, Lloyds, Carlsberg, Pizza Hut, Oxford University and Next.

I am a self-confessed geek - without the jargon. And my ethos is to provide cost effective solutions without the #geekspeak.
I have Microsoft Systems and Server Technology Certificates; Cloud Solution Certs; and a CCPV (Citrix Certified Professional - Virtualization), Furthermore, I am skilled and experience in sales negotiation and Solution Sales.

Things I like…

IT. Technology. Rugby (Warriors & Ireland). Wine. Coasts. Coffee and Hot Climates

What I do

  • Help business owners and employees unleash themselves from their desks! 
  • Computer Repair 
  • Assistive Technology 

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