What I Offer…

I’m Steve Dent from ‘Pro Mind Mental Toughness Coaching & Training’.

I help people who to develop their mental toughness who are:

  • Sports Athletes
  • Leaders

Mental toughness is a personality trait which in large part, determines how an individual deals with the stressors, pressures and challenges they face. How you can enhance your performance, well-being and aspirations whilst under psychological and sometimes physical pressure.
So much research has been carried out on mental toughness and it's links to performance, stress, sleep, physical activity, educational performance, effective leadership, injury recovery in sport and sports excellence. It's been clearly shown that mental toughness is a highly important personality trait in today’s modern world.

You can develop your mental toughness with me in a variety of ways:

  1. A mental toughness assessment called MTQPlus - a highly valid and reliable 74 question assessment. From this your personal mental toughness report is produced for you.
  2. Mental Toughness training workshops (one-day or half-day)
  3. Mental Toughness 1-2-1 or group coaching

(at 14th February 2019) I'm also developing my ProMindTough Academy for sports athletes and coaches. A range of mental toughness interventions designed to help sports performers achieve excellent in their sport.

Anyone can develop their mental toughness and the benefits are significant.

If you want to develop yours then get in touch and we can talk about how you can become the productive, effective, in control person that helps you achieve what you want to in life, business, career or sport.


Cards on the Table – personal development just got personal!

There’s so much sameness out there when it comes to personal development. Outdated models and theories, experts who ‘hose’ you with information hoping that some of it sticks, little or no choice about what you do on these courses and knowledge that is quickly forgotten once the event is over.


You, a group of amazing people who want change in their lives, business or career and 100 cards.

On this amazing day:

You’ll have the freedom of choice – every card you decide to pick will have a unique and powerful meaning to you
You use the power of your own personal experiences and those of others to recognise what’s been holding you back
You’ll be your own, guide, mentor and expert
You experience a supportive, encouraging, empathetic group environment where everyone has your back
You decide what you will commit to do to create the clarity, freedom and change you really want
You change your own game and shape what you experience from then on.

…all in one incredible day!

The feedback so far has been fantastic and now Cards on the Table is coming to Bristol on the 8th May.

It’s doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or where you’re from, this unique and powerful event is for you. All you need is a openness to recognise that you want to change, a desire to do so and the honesty to share this with other like-minded people.

The link to book is https://www.bradburton.biz/cards-on-the-table

Why I’m good at what I do…

I've worked in several businesses over the past 17 years such as:

Orange Robert Wiseman Dairies (now Muller) Milk Link (now Arla Foods) Co-op Legal Services Leonard Cheshire Disability Barchester Healthcare Milestones Trust

I've developed leaders with individual coaching and through highly practical, active and engaging leadership development programmes that I designed and delivered.

I've worked in sport as both a trainer of cricket coaches and a cricket coach. For 3 years I was the head coach of the Gloucestershire County Women's Cricket team and worked with the most talented female cricketers in the county. I was also lead tutor at the Gloucestershire Cricket Board and ran several successful Level 2 cricket coaching courses for coaches and teachers in the county. I am a England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) Level 3 Performance Coach.

I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and have a Level 7 qualification in Learning & Development. I am also an INLPTA Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and accredited licenced practitioner for the MTQ family of mental toughness assessments.

My son, Chris plays a professional cricket and this gives me a unique insight into what it takes to live and perform in the spotlight in top level sport and the challenges that people face when their whole future is dependent on being mentally tough. I have coached some of the 1st team squad using the MTQPlus mental toughness assessment.

I also have a part-time role working in a not-for-profit adult social care organisation. My role is to support and develop managers to provide the best quality of life for people with learning disabilities, enduring mental illness and dementia.

Things I like…

I've been a regular cyclist for many years and have climbed every mountain col featured in the Tour de France (albeit slightly slower than the professionals do!).

In July 2019 I'm riding from Bristol to Bordeaux - 500 miles in 4 days for a Bristol charity called PROPS.

I regularly play golf at Mendip Spring golf club

What I do

  • Mental Toughness Coaching
  • Mental Toughness Workshops
  • Mental Toughness assessments and feedback 1-2-1 sessions

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