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Why I’m good at what I do…

I went through a total mental health breakdown several years ago. At the time it was awful but I now see it enabled me to reinvent myself and come back stronger and better.

My first book is a small collection of poetry about those experiences and is aimed at helping others who are suffering mental health issues and their loved ones see there can be an escape form feeling like that. It's available here https://books2read.com/u/38ZxKa and here www.amzn.to/35oL6tU

I'm currently also writing my novel which is all about a girl who discovers she's half fairy on her 14th birthday.

In addition I offer online meditation sessions www.bit.ly/suzimed

Things I like…

Making a difference, writing, colour, magic, cats, fairies, shoes, shopping, people with integrity, collaborative working, honesty, Harry Potter, putting on my PJs when I've finished work (maybe I do it when I'm making phone calls sometimes too, don't tell on me!!) and anything that puts a positive magical spin on the world.

What I do

  • Writer 
  • Monat Hair products
  • Meditation/Relaxation sessions

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