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Peace of mind for you and your passengers

Anyone who has had a high speed blow-out, knows what a dangerous experience it can be.

It can happen without warning, making your vehicle impossible to handle and putting you and your passengers in extreme danger. Slow punctures are a major cause of blowouts and are usually very difficult to detect.

Installing PunctureSafe in your tyres helps to ensure that you will not be placed in a potentially life threatening situation.

A puncture is not only costly and inconvenient, but also dangerous.

PunctureSafe prevents punctures by sealing them immediately as they happen, and creates a permanent seal for the legal lifetime of the tyre.

Puncture Safe is for: * Bicycles * Motorbikes * Quad Bikes * Trailers * Caravans * Cars * Motorhomes * LGVs * HGVs * Construction Vehicles * Heavy Plant

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What I do

  • Puncture Prevention
  • Tyre Life Extender & Conditioner
  • The Instant Seal

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