What I Offer…

Tailored in-house training

Specialising in mental health, emotional resilience and physical health

Our model allows you the flexibility to arrange training at a suitable time, and we ensure content is specifically tailored for your requirements.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Integrity is at the heart of my business and having spent over a decade in the industry, I'm entirely confident in creating a top quality training day, so that you and your team can walk away with tangible benefits. I love being genuinely proud of what I offer and because of my experience over the years, I've had the pleasure of working with hundreds of incredible experts. I've written many successful courses and workshops, and I always know the perfect person to deliver it.

My priority is listening well to you... So, how can I help?

Things I like…

In business I really enjoy meeting new people, creating new products and seeing something through from start to finish (with it culminating in great feedback of course). Obviously it's important to earn a living but I also want to make a difference. Particularly within the mental health arena, if the right skills can be imparted to others, it could mean saving a life. At the very least, if colleagues can be equipped to effectively support others, then that's a major step!

Hobbies... I have a lurcher named Ferris! Currently being based from home means I can enjoy his company and get out for walks every day. I love the outdoors, exploring beautiful countryside, walking, running, visiting friends for weekends away. Sometimes I play tennis with my husband (or frisbee!) and really enjoy Pilates as well. We love good food and drink, and I'm especially keen on cooking. It's a chance to be creative in a different way and I find it a relaxing activity when the working day is done. I'm also a Christian and we have just found a new church not far from Wells. It's great to meet new people and we're looking forward to being more part of it.

What I do

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