What I Offer…

We look after your pets and your home whilst you are away on holiday or business. We love all creatures BIG and small from the common to the more exotic varieties. We can water your plants and make your home feel safe and secure. We will even sort out your bins and be there for any unexpected emergencies.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Animals are amazing and instinctively know if a person is to be trusted. I work with the energy of the animals to ensure that they are relaxed and stress free whilst their humans are away. I really enjoy being able to look after a wide variety of pets and I have lits if very happy clients - animal and human!

Things I like…

Animals of every size shape and species. Art - painting mixed media and also making gifts through The Punny Lady . Networking and being Visitor Coordinator at Watford. Humour and having a good laugh. The 5C's - Coffee, Cake, Chocolate, Cats & Comedy

Member Testimonials

  • Lisa makes THE FUNNIEST and PUNNIEST items to bring a smile to your face. Her attention to detail is amazing. Twice now she has helped me out with virtually no notice as I needed urgent gifts. Highly recommend her products.
  • Lisa is an incredibly talented and smart lady. The queen of puns, just give her the germ of an idea and she will create mini works of art that hit the spot time after time. She made a picture for my husband's birthday that made him giggle and now has pride of place in his office. Recommended.

What I do

  • Pet Sitter

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Last online 18th Jul 2019
Member since 21st Mar 2018
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4N ranking 741 in the UK

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