What I Offer…

Helping business owners and professionals release stress, fear, doubt, guilt from their mind, body and spirit.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Finding the hidden negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns deep in the subconscious mind. Helping clients release this heavy energy.

Things I like…

Feng Shui. Manifesting. Spirituality. Personal Development. My Tessa Girl Dog! Inspiring dudes and dudettes to clear their physical, emotional and mental clutter!

Member Testimonials

  • Ann-Marie's work is ever so needed especially due to the more and more stressful working environments most of us are finding themselves in. She is very caring indeed. Thank you very much for the meeting, Ann-Marie, I am looking forward to helping our clients together.

What I do

  • Advanced EFT Practitioner.  Inside Out Hypnotherapy & NLP practitioner
  • 3 Principles Transformation Coach

My Stats

Last online 24th Oct 2018
Member since 23rd Mar 2018
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Meetings attended 42