Why I’m good at what I do…

Video Marketer, Video Trainer and TV Cameraman.

Love helping businesses succeed with the most effective communication medium there is - video, plus in recent years, get great enjoyment teaching video skills to businesses. Also love working as part of the crew on the biggest global sporting events, such as the World Cup Finals and Olympics.

Customers expect to see video these days - they prefer it to wading through text on your website - especially on mobile. It conveys complex messages in an easy to understand format.

We can help you tell your story to a bigger, targeted audience and do so with greater returnnon investment than traditional methods.

To help us help you, get in touch on 0800 086 2020 or email hello@vidsmart.uk.

Member Testimonials

  • John always adds a note of humour to our 4N meetings. After hearing Johns 4 sight, I went on his 1 day course learning how to create professional video content just using a smart phone, it was very useful, easy to follow and the follow up and support was excellent.

What I do

  • Video Communications Video Marketing & Traininig

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Last online 16th Dec 2019
Member since 3rd Apr 2018
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Meetings attended 35
4N ranking 353 in the UK

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