What I Offer…

I offer an insight into a world that you've seen in movies and TV programmes, but about which you've never been told the truth.

I explode the myth that extraordinary feats need extraordinary people. I offer empowerment that anyone can have an epic life if they're prepared to face their fears.

Why I’m good at what I do…

As a former army bomb disposal engineer and a national champion skydiver, I've faced my fears head on. Now I share my experiences to show people that you don't have to be the archetypal superhero to accomplish amazing things.

Things I like…

I love cycling, even in the winter you'll find me wrapping up and going out for 30 or 40 miles, as long as there's a coffee stop with cake then I'm in.

Getting together with friends is really valuable and I meet my mates to watch rugby or enjoy meals out.

I can be coaxed out to the pub if there's a live band, a comedian or a quiz, but pub crawls are no longer my thing I'm afraid.

Member Testimonials

  • It is not enough to have a great story to tell, it also important to tell it in a good way, and this is exactly what Adrian did in his 4sight. He mesmerized the audience with every word, and taught us all a great lesson about our fears. Look no further for your motivational speaker!

What I do

  • I'm a motivational (and hopefully) inspirational speaker.
  • Presentation Skills Coach
  • Consultative Sales Coach
  • Bombproof Lifestyle Coach

My Stats

Last online 5th Nov 2019
Member since 24th Apr 2018
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Meetings attended 40
4N ranking 1231 in the UK