What I Offer…

Founded in 2000 we provide a complete solution for our clients from the underlying network infrastructure to the critical business systems and applications that need to be available 24/7.

We offer a proactive approach which focuses on monitoring our client networks to prevent potential issues rather than reacting to them.

Based in Hertfordshire we maintain networks and business systems all over the UK and our team of engineers travel to wherever our clients need us to be.

We look forward and ensure that we help plan for the future creating a partnership with our clients, not just maintaining what is in place now.


Why I’m good at what I do…

It really doesn't seem like 25 years since I was sat in front of a terminal at the University of Huddersfield, browsing web pages hosted in Australia having used a search engine pre Google to find information on bars in Sydney. I have to face facts now and it is. Whilst I have never made it to Sydney, that day launched me into the career I have today with i3Q. From working as a support engineer in the City of London in the late 20th Century to launching messaging products bundled with xDSL services in the early 21st Century to joining i3Q in 2004, I now work alongside our experienced team with many companies of varying sizes making sure they have what they need to be successful. I am passionate about providing our clients with what they need to succeed and that means we make sure we understand what it is they do and what they want to achieve. Only then can we provide the right IT solution that works for them.

I am very lucky to work with such a talented team and a big part of my role is to make sure this continues. I have already met a lot of interesting people at the 4N meetings I have attended and I'm looking forward to meeting many more.

What I do

  • MSP and Software Development
  • Office 365 Migrations
  • AWS Solutions

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