Why I’m good at what I do…

I have a varied background, having started my career into Financial Services before trying various other things including Vectorisation (ask me sometime!), frontline IT support and managing Timetabling and Examinations for an HE institution. Over that time I have had a fascination with IT and developed a proficiency for it. I'm not phased by IT and am pretty tenacious when it comes to resolving IT issues - I refuse to let them beat me. In 2018 I decided, with my wife, to see if I could actually use it to earn a living. So far, so good!

Things I like…

Technology, fixing things, guitars, motor racing, curry!

Member Testimonials

  • I recently had some issues with my laptop. I contacted Robin and he was very efficient and remoted in very quickly to locate the issue. He is very knowledgeable, approachable and helpful. I would highly recommend Robin's services.

What I do

  • IT Systems Computer Support Computer Repairs
  • Web Design
  • IT Managed Services

My Stats

Last online 24th Feb 2020
Member since 16th May 2018
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Meetings attended 92
4N ranking 85 in the UK

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