What I Offer…

Small Biz Digital Media helps you get more calls, leads and clients using the power of video, audio and other digital media. 

We help you move people through the full customer journey from being aware of what you do, to becoming clients and then advocating your work to others. 

In order to do this, we spend time through our free consultation and digital media review to understand what makes your business tick.

We then provide a full range of video creation services from short video ads and branding videos through to longer explainer videos for your products and services and we also create review videos from your delighted customers! We even provide cutting edge ‘choose your own adventure’ videos where people choose which clip they want to watch next within the same video!

We have recently upgraded our audio recording gear to provide high quality voiceovers for videos, business podcasting services and audio book creation.

Recognising the importance of mobile marketing we also provide a business app creation service.

Finally, we offer digital marketing services through Facebook and Youtube video ad campaigns.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I seem to have taken the scenic route to helping small businesses with their digital media!

My love of angling as a youngster led me to a PhD in fisheries ecology and a career in the Environment Agency mainly doing applied research. A highlight was snorkelling in Dorset streams to present compelling evidence that water company abstractions were destroying salmon and trout habitats!

After 25 years of public sector duty however, I needed to break out on my own. I’d just finished third in the Edinburgh Marathon at the age of 45, and on the back of this I created Marathon Time Breakthrough, an online membership site and coaching programme.

Having created a podcast and over 6 hours of premium video content for this programme, I decided to use these podcasting and video creation skills to help small businesses with their online marketing. And so Small Biz Digital Media was born!

One thing that has really helped me to help others in both ventures is Neuro Linguistic Programming. Since becoming an NLP Master Practitioner I’ve found it much easier to step into the shoes of a struggling marathon runner or business owner and help them break through their barriers and reach their goals.

Three final things about me to leave you with… I’m a long suffering Bristol City FC supporter, a huge Bob Dylan fan and I love dogs, particularly Staffordshire Terriers!

What I do

  • Video Production
  • Audio Production
  • Apps Development
  • Marketing and Business Services

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