What I Offer…

Full software development services for Windows, Web, Mobile (Android & iOS) and fully packaged Mobile Apps. Working with 4N Members developing "Subscription Apps" which reduce the initial design cost and produce recurring revenue.

I produce custom business software for companies that find themselves using too many spreadsheets, too many systems or who cannot get the specific data they need from their currents systems in the format that they'd like.

I design custom mobile software that allows businesses to perform their business tasks on a mobile device.

I design and publish custom mobile apps, no templates, no outsourcing abroad, coded from the ground up to fit exactly what you want and need.

Why I’m good at what I do…

In short.....I'm a GEEK!! I see technology as the ultimate gadget. But more than this, having been a Royal Naval Officer and a Police Officer, I can talk to people without using GeekSpeak. The Navy paid for me to do a Psychology Degree which is more use in Software Development than you may think. It allows me to identify the work flow succinctly and design a piece of software which is intuitive and effective.

I see software development, whether for PC's, Web or Mobiles as a personal challenge....if there doesn't appear to be a way to do what is needed, then in the best traditions of the service...Adapt & Overcome.

Things I like…

I play a number of musical instruments - I'm often sitting at my desk with my ukulele while coding. I am Coleshill's Sergeant At Arms which means I'm responsible for visiting dignitaries to the town when invited by the Mayor and arranging the annual Remembrance Parade and Service. I am never more happy than when watching an old British War Film or reading Military History.

Member Testimonials

  • Ex-Navy Ex-copper Total Geek! - Sums up Simon in a phrase. When you engage Simon you get all that experience and pride to get the job done and keep tweaking it to make it even better. Consumate professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending him!

My Stats

Last online 16th Oct 2019
Member since 31st May 2018
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Meetings attended 94
4N ranking 67 in the UK