What I Offer…

Inhalytic Ltd provides inhaler testing services to the Phamaceutical industry, equipment suppliers and academia, via consultancy or off-site analytical testing support www.inhalytic.com

Why I’m good at what I do…

I'm an experienced analytical chemist with 20 years experience in Asthma inhaler development

Things I like…

Providing client solutions building competency of my clients and technical innovation - oh! and also the positivity and support of the 4N network

Member Testimonials

  • I was fortunate to have a ten minute one-to-one with Frank at the Maidstone 4N meeting this morning. He showed me a process he and Karen go through with their clients. It was really exciting and has given me a really clear perspective on a business issue. Thank you Frank.

What I do

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Last online 15th Jan 2020
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