What I Offer…

UKO Asset Management has three core areas and they are, finding funds for companies and company owners, not only from the usual sources but also from areas where most people don't even know to look, along with the myriad of FREE funds that are available. We would explore all of the free options and if none can be found to work with your particular business, then we would seek funding from the conventional and unconventional sources. We also help to reduce the TAX BURDEN of both the company and the business owner and we never use Tax Avoidance Schemes, because in our opinion they don't work. We help to establish our own unique Trust & Asset Protection Programme and lastly we carry out a full analysis of your Mortgage (Commercial) Loans and other Charges, to see if / where you have been over charged and then help you to recover your money.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Having had many years experience in this arena and "knowing my way around" helps greatly, but also teaming up with some of the best people and companies, enables us to provide turnkey services to our clients. We are dedicated to our clients and to providing them with a first class service.

Things I like…

Working hard for my clients and doing a good job, but also Fishing, Horse Riding, Chess, Jigsaws, Classical Music, and above all else.... my wonderful wife Zandra

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  • I've used Maurice's services over the last 8 months, the advice and wealth of knowledge is invaluable and would recommend engaging with Maurice and his team.

What I do

  • Tax Mitigation Specialist
  • Business Funding Provider
  • Banking and Loan Analysts

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