What I Offer…

Chris Prior, Founder, Director of Discover Equity Release. First contact service providing free information only, no advice and with no obligation to those individuals who are considering releasing funds from their property. I have been in this market for almost 20 years and in Financial Services for almost 40 years. Always happy to help people and pointing them in the right direction for their needs, whatever it is. www.discoverequityrelease.org.uk

Why I’m good at what I do…

Helping homeowners over the age of 55 who want to release equity from their property using a Lifetime Mortgage for things such as: repaying their interest only mortgage, helping/gifting to family, those wanting to moving to a higher value property, parents/grandparents wanting to help fund school or university fees, buying a new car, purchasing a holiday home and much much more...........

I'm also able to refer clients for the following services too:
Power Of Attorney
Funeral Plans

Things I like…

Of course helping people release Tax Free Cash from their property. I also spend a fair amount of time with my extended family; we have 7 children plus their partners and 7 grandchildren too. We currently spend a fair amount of time with our two new grandchildren who recently turned both turned one. I enjoy playing walking football, which I took up around August 2018, although we do forget sometimes and find we go up a gear into run mode!

What I do

  • Helping  homeowners release tax free cash

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