Member Testimonials

  • Angela is a chocolate goddess, I was lucky enough to have a one to one with her and tried one of her handmade truffles, safe to say now I have an addiction to great tasting chocolate. Angela always arrives with a smile and is super welcoming.
  • What can I say..... Angela's chocolate is AMAZING! There really isn't much more to it. All of my clients give me rave reviews and I cant think of a better gift for a client. I would recommend you all get yourselves to her shop and try it, you will never go back to shop bought chocolate again!

What I do

  • Artisan Chocolates
  • Chocolate Workshops
  • Personalised Chocolate Gifts
  • Wedding Chocolates
  • Bespoke chocolate gifts

My Stats

Last online 11th Feb 2020
Member since 30th Jul 2018
Number of testimonials 0
Meetings attended 102
4N ranking 282 in the UK