What I Offer…

I offer free no obligation advice and recommendations to give you peace of mind.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I am very passionate about protection as my family and I were personally affected hence I do not wish to see anyone else go through what we did. I also provide a high level of customer service with genuine care and compassion.

Things I like…

I love spending time with my family. We have a little boy. I also love swimming, listening to music and travelling...of course! (I spent 14 years working on cruise ships as a Guest Service Manager)

Member Testimonials

  • "Tales from the Cruise Ships" was one of the est 4Sights I have ever heard. Some of the things that customers have actually said was astounding and the things you personally had to do in your job role where fascinating. I cannot wait to hear more tales... Hopefully something juicy.
  • Anoushka is one of the most efficient people I have ever met. Trying to find the best insurance for life is quite daunting. Anoushka makes it simple. Nothing is too much. You can go back to her as many times as you need to, to feel secure. She gets my vote.
  • Anoushka has worked with me to find the best solutions for my protection needs. She was friendly, professional, and took time to discuss the options with me. She was knowledgeable and patient! I feel that I now have cost effective and appropriate cover in place. I would certainly recommend Anoushka

What I do

  • Personal and Business Protection Specialist - Inco
  • My hobby is being an Independent Consultant for Ne

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Last online 11th Feb 2020
Member since 6th Aug 2018
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4N ranking 209 in the UK

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