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The reason for forming Cavetta Consulting was to provide a tailored client focused approach to delivering capital allowances rather that a corporate fee driven ethos.

The directors of Cavetta worked together for 10 years with a global property consultancy and therefore we feel that there are a number of reasons why clients should choose to work with Cavetta.

  1. We are one of the few independent specialists in Scotland
  2. We get great results
  3. We look at the individual circumstances of your client
  4. We don’t take a commission where we can’t add value
  5. On going support
  6. We don’t end our commission until the Capital allowances are agreed
  7. We do not overstate claims or advocate a risky approach.
Things I like…

The main benefit of claiming capital allowances is that it can improve your cash-flow as a taxpayer. Indeed, in some circumstances, taxpayers may be eligible to receive a payable tax credit from HM Revenue and Customs

A taxpayer who actively claims and maximizes their statutory capital allowances entitlement, can generate a number of secondary benefits for their business including:

Allowing further development of the business
With more working capital at their disposal, a taxpayer can make further investments, improve other areas of the business or save the spare cash for more trying times.

Lowering the risk of investments.
By having more cash available to pay lenders, the risk of the investment in the eyes of the lender is lowered, therefore allowing the business to negotiate more favorable terms.
Improving yields and viability

Member Testimonials

  • It is a pleasure to work with Alan. He is a true professional, dedicated to his clients and always goes the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. Within the network he works tirelessly promoting 4n and providing his fellow members with genuine valuable referrals. Well done Alan.
  • If you are looking for sound, savvy, streetwise advice for claiming capital allowances for commercial property which you own or lease then Alan is your go-to man. Being both a Qualified Chartered Surveyor AND a Taxation Specialist, Alan has the right combination of technical and commercial skills.

What I do

  • We are chartered surveyors who provide assistance to accountant in claiming tax deductions available for commercial property

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