What I Offer…

Often a growing business needs more financial freedom, freedom to spend on the areas that they see relevant to their own growth, and that fits into their business plan. When companies don’t have the funds to quickly drive growth I can help support their ambition by educating and finding the right financial package to meet their needs and for them to continue to grow and succeed.

➤ Who I am: I have personally worked in the finance sector for many years, working in a bank in various roles, then moving into Head Office to support different departments including the retail finance team, and then finally becoming Financial Performance Manager responsible for the specialist lending teams.

➤ What is J&J Commercial Finance: I started in 2018, inspired to give a personal service to the lending finance sector. I believe passionately in businesses being able to speak directly to someone when needing access to information and support regarding financial products. J&J Commercial Finance provides commercial and business finance support using a network of over 300 lender partners across the UK, as well as advising how to access the government’s Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme (EFGS).

➤ Some of the financial services I assist with:
Buy-to Let & other commercial mortgages,
Short term bridging loans,
Property development & refurbishment loans,
Locally supported and central Government provided grants and support schemes
Invoice Factoring & Invoice Finance
Asset Leasing, Contact Hire
Commercial Loans

➤ What you might not have known: J&J Commercial Finance can organise property valuations, insurance and legal support as well as packaging and submitting proposals so that funding applications are approved in the shortest time possible.

To learn more about J&J Commercial Finance take a look at our website or add me to your contacts.

Jamie Baggaley
Managing Director
Phone: 07399 660 002
Email: jamie.baggaley@jjcommercialfinance.co.uk

Why I’m good at what I do…

I've worked in Banking since 2005 and have undertaken a variety of roles in a major high street bank from running a local branch to working in their head office. This has given me a detailed understanding of the industry in particular to business and bespoke lending.

Things I like…
  • Family time
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Nice authentic food
  • Community work

What I do

  • Commercial Finance Broker helping businesses to f
  • Review existing lending arrangements 
  • Save businesses time and money in finding finance

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