What I Offer…

Convenient and practical nutrition and wellbeing solutions for the busy professional whether a sole trader or CEO. I offer solutions for weight management, healthy ageing, energy and performance and wealth creation.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I empower my clients to make better health and lifestyle choices and act as a mentor and coach to them throughout the process. I have extremely high standards of customer care and expect exceptional results for my customers and colleagues.
I have a professional services background so I can fully relate to my clients and have excellent knowledge of my field and their requirements.

Things I like…

80's music
Enjoying cocktails by the beach
Long summer days
Being surrounded by like minded positive people who are on a mission!

Member Testimonials

  • Lisa has a lot of energy, and I am sure some of this is down to Isagenix! She is a lovely person, and I had no problem sharing personal things with her so that she could tailor to my needs personally. Can't wait to get started!
  • I’ve known Lisa for about 10 months so when I was looking for some support around nutrition and well being she was my go to person. Her knowledge and support has been amazing and she has been there when I need some extra guidance.

What I do

  • Help busy people achieve optimal health
  • Offer effective and convenient nutrition solutions

My Stats

Last online 25th Feb 2020
Member since 29th Sep 2018
Number of testimonials 0
Meetings attended 94
4N ranking 77 in the UK

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