What I Offer…

Hi Folks, I'm Jon from EnergyPriceSaver.com. We started this business to help you get the best value and service from your utility suppliers. Below is an introduction to our services:-

  • Making utility management simple for your business.
  • Reduce your Business Water, Electricity & Gas bills.
  • Pricing from 22 national water, electricity and gas suppliers for business.
  • Help to find the best business utility supplier for your type of business.
  • Compare water, electricity and gas suppliers and prices.
  • Manage your supplier, and save on your costs.
  • Utility bill checking for up to the last 5 years.
  • Reduced 5% VAT rate for care homes, hospices, caravan parks and charities.

Call anytime on (01524) 259 200, or email Jon.Mullen@EnergyPriceSaver.com .

Fresh Juice At A Better Price Jon

Why I’m good at what I do…

Attention to detail, and I enjoy making life easy for my friends and clients.

Things I like…

Love winding up my kids and enjoying life with them - they are starting to get too serious as they are late teens now.

Catching up with friends and laughing at each other - every week at Fusion Church, Morecambe, and anywhere else - especially 4N Kendal.

Standing on top of the mountains, and knowing that the hard slog is behind me.

6 nations rugby.

Wish I could do more sailing, especially up the west coast of Scotland.

What I do

  • Independent Business Water Broker
  • Independent Business Electricity Broker
  • Independent Business Gas Broker
  • Manage Your Utility Suppliers
  • Utility Bill Checking

My Stats

Last online 26th Feb 2020
Member since 3rd Dec 2018
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Meetings attended 73
4N ranking 671 in the UK

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