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Surprises ..

Why I’m good at what I do…

I've been surprising myself for 60+ years .. that takes a special kind4m4gic skill and commitment ;o)))

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Surprises ...

Member Testimonials

  • This man has the most amazing way of calming and relaxing you - and making you realise the true meaning of life. If you feel you need a new perspective, (and/or if you're a chocoholic)listen to his talk entitled "Money, Money, Money". It'll make you think!
  • Some people believe that Mike Gordon is the 'f' in freddie and that freddie is the 'f'-in accountant. How wrong could you all be. Freddie is someone you think is standing in front of you, but is really behind you! (oh yes he is, oh ‘know’ he isn’t) Freddie is awesome, inspiring, limitless and permeates all things. Freddie is the ‘f’-in joy, the ‘b’-in sting, the ‘c’-in seaside, the ‘j’-in magpie, the ‘p’-in toilet, the ‘q’-in supermarket, the ‘t’-in cup, the ‘u’-in me, the ‘x’-in treasure, and the ‘why’-in imagication. Some also believe that Freddie was the ‘z’ in -eberdee but that is pure speculation. Freddie is … Freddie!
  • Huge thank you to Mike Freddie Gordon for taking the time out to speak with me over an issue I was having. Mike gave me very useful advice and I highly recommend him.
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What I do

  • Surprises ..

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Last online 30th Oct 2018
Member since 14th Feb 2008
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