What I Offer…

I am a hypnotist that helps stressed managers and parents quit smoking.

When stressed it is very hard to quit as we are in the wrong mindset .... I put you in the right mindset to achieve.

Why I’m good at what I do…

because I am fun I take the boring side of hypnotherapy out ....

I Have a real passion to help people and i love helping others get results.

Things I like…

I LOVE SPORT !!! have been lucky enough to work with some amazing athletes and love going to sport events

and I love EAST 17

Member Testimonials

  • Life changing. I’ve worked with Stuart on my drinking. I wanted to change my habits. I tried alone. I failed. Stuart spent just one session helping me stop drinking in the week... for good. 12 weeks on. Still sober in the week. Powerful talent!

What I do

  • I help people achieve greatness and get them smoke

My Stats

Last online 20th Nov 2019
Member since 18th Jan 2019
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Meetings attended 32
4N ranking 51 in the UK