What I Offer…

I can offer you, your family, your friends any kind of travel service, whether it be a city break in the UK to, say, go and see a show, or the trip of a lifetime traveling all the way around the world!
I can also do anything in between!

Why I’m good at what I do…

I am old, thus experienced! I have always enjoyed arranging holidays and trips, now I can do this for you too!!
I am a franchisee with Not Just Travel, a very well established, award winning company that has great buying power. We also have a great number of experts, so if you do happen to ask something I cannot answer, I know who to go and ask!
Finally, I am also a distributor with Utility Warehouse, another great award winning company, so I can also help you to save and earn money so that you can go on holiday!!

Things I like…

Anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about any motorsport, especially Formula 1. If you want to see giddy excitement just ask me about it and I will talk your ears off!

What I do

  • Any kind of Travel
  • Save and help you earn money!

My Stats

Last online 5th Feb 2019
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