What I Offer…

My passion is in helping people to reach their potential and live their happiest life. In as little as 12 weeks I help people to drop a clothes size, regain control of their health and fall in love with exercise, so they never have to start over again.

I do this with my team at the EMPOWERED FITNESS training studio in Southville.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I have been overweight...
I have been underweight...
I have not always been active...
But through my own health journey I have learned many lessons and gained a lot of compassion which I can share with my clients.

Things I like…

Lifting weights
Cats (crazy cat lady!)

What I do

  • Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching 

My Stats

Last online 17th Aug 2019
Member since 14th Feb 2019
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4N ranking 964 in the UK