What I Offer…

We use the properties of water to help rehabilitate animals so that surgery is not required or after surgery for recovery.

We offer rehabilitation, fitness and fun in a relaxed, force free environment.

We can use a pool or underwater treadmill to cater for most conditions.
We also cater for fitness and fun as well as puppy swims.

Why I’m good at what I do…

After going through Hydrotherapy with my own dogs for several years, I understand what clients are going through. I have a passion for trying to make the dogs and owners as happy as possible and try to get dogs back to the best quality of like life they can have.

Things I like…

I like anything that can improve your bond with your dog.

What I do

  • Rehabilitation 
  • Swimming for fun & fitness
  • Conditioning for Canine athletes

My Stats

Last online 20th Feb 2020
Member since 20th Feb 2019
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4N ranking 2209 in the UK